D. Trevlon A Dance Under The Stars

D. Trevlon sounds like the kind of guy whose laidback temperament allows him to make music wherever he wants, whenever he wants. But that doesn’t mean his latest record, A Dance Under The Stars, feels rushed or otherwise sub-par. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The roots record was recorded in one day, and while many of Trevlon’s seven tracks find themselves coated in serious self-reflection, there’s definitely a hint of playfulness evident within his subtle, mysterious melodies. "The Dream” kicks things off, highlighting Trevlon’s thick, velvety vocals over a backdrop of dusky acoustics, while "Keep On Dancing” captures his knack for the spontaneous and candid. The disc was written with Trevlon’s grandparents in mind and it’s evident that most of the album’s honesty stems from his appreciation towards them. Just as the country roots lover will find enjoyment in A Dance Under The Stars, those who like to give in to the impromptu side of music will consider this album a keeper. (Desert Highway)