The D4 6Twenty

The latest in the major label's recent foray into the currently hip world of garage punk, New Zealand's D4 are totally on the Didjits/Saints/Hard Ons tip, with their fast and hard songs showcasing the melodic high-pitched vocals of lead singer Dion. This is a party record to be sure, and just in case you didn't pick up on that fact, the third song, "Party,” is there to remind you. Also of note are the four cover songs included here, the most conspicuous being Guitar Wolf's "Invader Ace" which strangely enough sounds a lot like the Gaza Strippers. Also included is a version of perennial underground rock fave Johnny Thunders' "Pirate Love.” There is the occasional break to the lightening quick pace, with the slower "Exit to The City" taking things down to a medium-paced anthem tempo, and "Heartbreaker" being a fairly traditional punk-rock ballad. The main drawback here is that the D4 lack the intensity and desperation that often makes this kind of music unique. (Flying Nun)