D-Sisive to Release Future Albums Under His Own Name?

D-Sisive to Release Future Albums Under His Own Name?
When D-Sisive unveiled his recent album, Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye, the prolific Toronto MC announced that it would be his last under the D-Sisive name. Now, the rapper also known as Derek Christoff has said that future albums will be released under his own name.

Christoff phoned in to the CBC Radio 3 show Wrath of Khanna to explain the reasoning behind the change. Complaining that the name D-Sisive was frequently misspelled and mispronounced, Christoff said that he would rather go by his own name. This news comes after a brief stint under the handle Derek from Northcliffe.

When host Vish Khanna (who for the purposes of full disclosure is also an Exclaim! contributor) questioned the logic behind the name change, Christoff began to doubt his own decision, saying, "I've got a lot of thinking to do." Despite this confusion, he downplayed the importance of the moniker, insisting, "The name is just a name, the music is going to be the same."

The interview eventually descended into confusion, with Christoff suddenly announcing, "I'm quitting music. It's over. I'm out." It's unclear whether or not he was joking, as he asked, "What if I go back to D-Sisive? What happens? Everyone's going to hate me."

Take a listen to the bizarre interview here.

Given Christoff's prolific pace of releasing new albums, we should expect an update on this moniker/retirement situation soon.