D-Sisive Jonestown 3: The Dream is Over

D-SisiveJonestown 3: The Dream is Over
Call him D-Sisive, call him Derek Christoff, just remember to call him one of the most prolific Canadian hip-hop artists in the scene. Leaning on the layered, versatile production from beat maker Muneshine, Jonestown 3: The Dream is Over puts the capper on a notable rap trilogy that has seen the talented storyteller at the top of his game. Like the previous two, this third chapter demands repeated listens to absorb the intricate wordplay and brooding themes the artist is working with. The aural tapestry that is opening effort "The Dream is Over" may garner head-scratching at first, but rewards more perceptive heads with its message. Second track "All My Friends are Dead" is fuelled by a joyfully macabre narrative that sets the tone for the rest of the project. The conviction that the rapper brings to his brooding and introspective lyrical content — "Pajama Pants," "Not One Candle," "November" — throughout Jonestown 3 conveys D-Sisive's desire to step away from the game for a minute (again) while the artist determines his next move. Indeed, closing track "[un]Answered Prayers" — "Maybe I'll never have a number one record/Maybe I'll never make the cover of Exclaim!" — perfectly captures the current mindset on the personal and professional front. If Jonestown 3 is the last project we get from him in a while, D-Sisive goes out on a supremely creative high. (Urbnet)