The Great Mr. Nobody [one]

D-SisiveThe Great Mr. Nobody [one]
Delayed by a couple of months, D-Sisive's latest mixtape is a massive collection of songs. His recent guest appearances on posse cuts from the likes of Mad Child, Mike Boyd, Muneshine, Flight Distance, Swamp Thing and his group Wolves best demonstrate D's battle rap delivery, but they're all available elsewhere. Also previously released, "Lil' Romeo" is a hilarious fantasy of D-Sisive as a record mogul with production from DJ Alibi (and released under the group name Karate Shoes), while "Golden Lullaby" is his loving tribute to his baby daughter. Mmac's production is a great match for the heartfelt lyrics, and D's singing on the hook is a nice touch. The bonus original versions of older songs "GG Allin" and "The Stars" will probably be of interest to long-time fans.

The real draw for most, however, will be the numerous "hijacks," D-Sisive's term for rapping over industry beats. And since this is D-Sisive, they're often unusual instrumentals, like Beck's "Loser" for "Bozo Nightmare," on which he follows two verses of Beck-style self-deprecating surrealism with a third verse torn straight from Eazy-E's "8-Ball," or Australian rap group the Hilltop Hoods' very un-hip-hop-sounding "Won't Let You Down" for "Jonah Hill." On the latter, D imagines his funeral as shown in a biopic in which he is played by the chubby titular actor — for the first verse, anyway; the third verse is actually aborted to tell a story about his bus trip to the studio. Sure, half the songs have been released previously, but The Great Mr. Nobody [one] is still a quality collection of battle raps and introspective songs that prove D-Sisive is an artist obviously capable of doing both well. (Desolate Collective)
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