D-Sisive Asian Elvis

D-SisiveAsian Elvis
Mixtapes of rappers over previously released instrumentals are pretty much the norm, and D-Sisive is certainly no stranger to releasing "hijacks," such as recent tracks recorded over Sigur Rós and Anvil instrumentals. However, Asian Elvis is his first album primarily recorded over instrumental dubs (with a few originals from frequent collaborator Muneshine) since his return in 2008 with The Idiot: Hijacked. But being that it's D-Sisive, the instrumentals are drawn from artists as diverse as Cage, A$AP Rocky, Beirut, Coldplay and Sonic Youth, and the lyrics are deeper than those on many rappers' studio albums. While intro "Room 69" is more humorous for insiders aware of the names D drops, following track "I Saw My Father Cry" foils the hype expectations it creates. It's a dark, depressing song ― the type he excels at. It's touching, but poorly placed ― only "Graceland" is possibly hype enough to fit that slot. His "tortured artist" routine also figures heavily on "The Snowfall" and "Suicide Heaven," while "The NoteB.O.O.K." attacks his style-biters and "Morris Day" is just some fun braggadocio rap alongside Muneshine. Asian Elvis may not be the best soundtrack for your next party, but bonus track "Adam," his epic ode to Beastie Boy MCA, would go over well. Grab that track at least, although the whole mixtape is worth checking out. (Desolate Collective)