D+ Deception Pass

D+ is the flagship band for Knw-Yr-Own Records, featuring Phil Elverum (the man behind the Microphones), Bret Lunsford (ex-Beat Happening) and Karl Blau. And, not surprisingly, they end up sounding pretty much as you’d expect considering the collaborators involved. Deception Pass, their fourth full-length album, does see the band continue to evolve by allowing all three members to share vocals instead of relying on Lunsford’s voice, which is a bit of an acquired taste. Despite this, the album still speaks with one collective voice instead of sounding like a bunch of songs by three different writers. Deception Pass might not be as sonically interesting as the solo work of Blau or Elverum, but there is something arresting about the repetitive, sparse songs that might not be obvious on the first listen. Instead, their true worth will be slowly revealed by investing time, something that some listeners might not be willing to give. It doesn’t help that sometimes the music is very often so quiet that you are just waiting for something to happen, and it never does. Still, fans of Will Oldham and his ilk will enjoy the nakedness of D+’s musical vision. (Knw-Yr-Own)