Cypress Hill Backup Singer Suing Grand Theft Auto Creators Because Game Allegedly Stole His Life Story

Cypress Hill Backup Singer Suing <i>Grand Theft Auto</i> Creators Because Game Allegedly Stole His Life Story
In one of the most WTF-worthy news stories we've reported in a while, Cypress Hill backup singer Michael "Shagg" Washington is suing Rockstar Games for its 2003 game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, claiming the game's main character was based on his life.

According to Courthouse News [via The Daily Swarm], Washington is demanding 25 percent of the game's $1 billion in sales.

The official complaint reads, "The plaintiff, who had led a troubled life in his youth, responded to their [Rockstar Games developers] questions and related details of his life. The plaintiff told them about details of his street life including how the teenagers in his gang rode around on bicycles ... After almost two hours of questioning which covered many topics of gang and street life, the meeting ended and the plaintiff was allowed to leave."

Washington claims he "was told that if they chose to use him in the game, he would be notified," but didn't bother looking into it because "he did not own or play videogames." In July 2010, he learned of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and its lead character, CJ, and is convinced the character was based on him. The full lawsuit can be read here.

If Washington win the case, it could set off a barrage of videogame vs. music lawsuits. Daft Punk could likely argue a case against any game set in space, while the Killers' drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. might have a leg up on the Mario Brothers.