CX Kidtronik Krak Attack

In the early ’90s, CX was producer and head of Further 3 MCs and K.I.N., the latter group also featuring slam poet/rapper Saul Williams. During this period, CX is credited with influencing the Dirty South sound and inspiring the mosh pit scenes for Cypress Hill’s "Insane in the Brain” video. More recently he’s been the tour DJ for Saul Williams, Anti-Pop Consortium and Airborn Audio, as well as releasing this debut solo album of electro-punk rap. Filled with abrasive production that touches all subgenres of hip-hop while conforming to none, Krak Attack is a 32-track ode to the crack that has been getting a lot more exposure since the introduction of those low-ride jeans. Topic-relevant samples and interludes, along with humorous raps by an abundance of guest rappers like MF Grimm, Zion, Ramm:el:zee, Agallah, and EKG of CX’s current group Deuce Gangsta, help maintain the loose premise of the album. Krak Attack contains a lot of short songs and interludes — both instrumental and vocal — but the album is given a faux-radio show feel with station IDs and the sounds from flipping through the radio dial, as well as merging the tracks through the use of noises like explosions, distortion or short vocal samples to give it a near-continuous flow. While frustrating and noisy, Krak Attack is also a hell of a lot of fun. (Sound-Ink)