CWAF / Noosebomb CWAF / Noosebomb

Don’t let the rather sub par-looking packaging and forgettable band names throw you off — if you’re into underground extremity, check this split out. CWAF (Continued Without a Finding) and Noosebomb are both from Boston, are both trios and both make a hell of a racket. And they both feature some serious alumni: CWAF has John Gillis on drums, who has played with both Anal Cunt and Today Is the Day, which you just know is trouble. And his performance is a highlight, rolling, blasting and dooming away behind the band’s crusted-out sludge/grind/doom punk. Awesome. Noosebomb take the production value down a notch for their sludge and with two dudes who played in both Grief and Disrupt, how can it not kick ass? More on the Grief side of things, their three songs crawl along, misanthropic, ugly and belligerent. CWAF emerge as the winners but both bands are worthy of the discerning antisocial miscreant’s time. This is a vicious little split CD. (Bestial Onslaught)