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Cut From The TeamSee U
On his new LP See U, the mysterious producer known as Cut From The Team doesn't sample the classic soul vocals, funky bass lines or jazzy melodies that make up far too many hip-hop instrumentals. Instead, Cut opts to use the chorus of beeps, blips and chirps that countless '80s kids created by punching buttons in arcades. And if those sound effects don't evoke retro video games, then song titles like "Insert Cartridge" and "Game Over," certainly will. 
But despite using yesteryear's entertainment consoles as source material, See U doesn't evoke feelings of warm nostalgia or winking irony about those games. Instead, Cut combines those Atari-esque sounds with droning synths and kick drums that stutter like a short-circuiting transistors. The album won't trigger listeners' fond memories of playing these games, but instead make them feel like ghosts in a machine that's growing more obsolete by the minute. It makes for a haunting, ambient and entirely unique listen. (Urbnet)
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