Curse Ov Dialect Lost In the Real Sky

Like vegemite, the debut from Aussie hip-hop collective Curse Ov Dialect is an acquired taste. Lost In the Real Sky opens with the Prefuse-esque "Baby How?” and takes off from there with an amalgam of sharp rhymes, unique flows, and challenging production by DJ Paso Bionic and all four MCs. Of the latter, Vulk Makedonski stands out from the pack as Australia’s answer to Ad-Rock. Curse Ov Dialect cover a lot of ground, from the quirky carnival vibe of "Multicultural Markets” to the politically-minded "All Cultures” and "The Truth about Tasmania.” The most impressive track, however, is "Family Assorted,” the posse cut to end all posse cuts, on which 11 MCs pass the mic over nine minutes of beat-morphing madness. At over 70 minutes, Lost In the Real Sky isn’t always easy going, but it’s nice to see acts pushing the limits instead of resting passively within them. (Mush)