Currents My Mind is a Ball of Yarn

The second EP from Ottawa, ON's Currents is a heavy one, at times more so in sentiment than music. Arrestingly sincere lyrical musings on the seeming futility of material being provide the perfect running narrative for the band's wildly dynamic post-hardcore sounds. While an immediate resemblance to bands like Small Brown Bike or the darker, heavier side of Brand New on tracks like "Reasons to be Miserable" is notable, an extremely melodic, straightforward side shines through on standout track "Shapes in Trees," where a trumpet-filled bridge crashes into one of the most surprisingly uplifting, and few, moments of grinding, yet intricate, aggression on the entire EP. Complementary production work comes courtesy of Hunter's Greg Dawson, who, fittingly, also co-produced Moneen's seminal Theory of Harmonial Value, clearly a significant influence on Currents, evident in their brainy structures and vibrant guitar work. Moneen frontman Kenny Bridges contributes a small string arrangement to the EP, opening up "Cabin Fever" with a counter to the discordant wall of guitars, perfectly and subtly setting the tone for an EP steeped in both darkness and light. (Independent)