Current TV Launches Series Based On Take-Away Shows

Current TV Launches Series Based On <i>Take-Away Shows</i>
If you’ve never seen La Blogotheque’s famed Take-Away Shows, you’re really missing out. Where else can you see the Arcade Fire (pictured) live in a freight elevator, Architecture In Helsinki performing together from different rooms in an apartment, or Sufjan Stephens covering the Innocence Mission’s "Lakes of Canada” on a serene rooftop?

For even more musical adventures, the series has partnered with Al Gore’s progressive TV network Current TV for an actual episodic TV series. The show premieres on December 9 with guests Fleet Foxes and Emily Jane White.

Of course, if you’re working with basic cable, the shows will be unavailable in Canada. Earlier this month, the CBC announced that they’ve partnered with Current TV to start work on a station and website for Current Canada, but the project won’t be ready until late 2009. Fortunately, the hours of videos on the Take-Away Shows site are viewable everywhere.

Arcade Fire on Take-Away Shows