Curl Up And Die But The Past Ain't Through With Us

Why release an amazing album when you can release two EPs to drive your fans nuts? While Curl Up and Die may be laughing at us all the while (jerks!), the companion piece to the We May Be Through With The Past…EP, But The Past Ain’t Through With Us is another exceptional offering from CUAD that stays true to the crop circles established with their last full-length, Unfortunately We’re Not Robots, while furthering their sound. Comprised of four songs, But The Past sees CUAD incorporating more moods and melodic soundscapes/segments into their fine grind of hardcore hostility, metallic abrasion, punk rawness and cut-throat callousness. And the closing track, "God Is In Heaven, All Is Right With The World,” may be their most subdued, poetic and longest offering yet (although it still brings the noise), nearly equalling their previous EP’s length. While neither of these two EPs stray into radically different CUAD territory — no matter what they’re experimenting with, they still sound like CUAD — generally expanding rather than breaking new ground, CUAD is refining its sound, experimentation and songwriting to acutely perilous levels. Their next full-length could alter the world, or at least your perception of it. (Revelation)