The Cure Unleash Disintegration-Era Goodies on New Website

The Cure Unleash <i>Disintegration</i>-Era Goodies on New Website
As we recently reported, still-going '80s mope rockers the Cure are now just weeks away from reissuing their classic, and perhaps most beloved, album, Disintegration. To celebrate, the band are hosting a new site:

The new site features a host of Disintegration-era material, including a slew of videos, demos, Robert Smith-penned liner notes and two new songs: "Tuned Out on RTV5" and "Fuknnotfunk."

In reaction to the tracks, ex-Cure keyboardist Roger O'Donnell took to his Twitter account to candidly - and humourously, we might add - point out that "I don't remember half this shit!" and "Some of those tracks definitely sound like we were on serious drugs. White boy funk by the Cure? What the hell were we doing?"

The Disintegration reissue is due May 25 via Rhino. You can view the three-CD tracklist here.

Thanks to TwentyFourBit for the heads-up.