Cult of Youth Offshoot Believer/Law Announce 'Matters of Life and Death'

Cult of Youth Offshoot Believer/Law Announce 'Matters of Life and Death'
While often flexing his neo-folk skills in Cult of Youth, Sean Ragon is ready to let loose another serving of industrial-minded dance music with his other project, Believer/Law. The band's new Matters of Life and Death 12-inch is being issued by Chondritic Sound on October 28.

The four-song vinyl release follows a pair of cassette singles and is said to focus on themes of addiction and mental illness. Despite those heavy topics, the band's upcoming song cycle apparently attempts to put a positive spin on things, and is described as "a record about coming to terms with the things in life that we are often afraid to look at in and around ourselves and where to go from there."

It's further explained that, "at its core, these songs are about transition, growth, compassion, hope and love."

Made up of members of Cult of Youth, Kama Rupa, Drunkdriver and more, Believer/Law apparently flirts with the hard-driving dance beats of groups like Skinny Puppy and Front 242, though they're also influenced by their punk backgrounds.

You can hear the act's punishing, pulsating electro single "War Story" down below, where you'll find a couple of concert dates as well.

Matters of Life and Death:

1. Ashes

2. War Story

3. The Task At Hand

4. Contrition

Tour dates:

10/15 Brooklyn, NY - The Acheron *
10/30 New York, NY - Nothing Changes (Home Sweet Home)

* with Iceage