Culper Ring 355

Culper Ring are certainly the most illuminating experimental "power” triangle of sound of our time. Consisting of Kris Force (Amber Asylum), Steve Von Till (Tribes of Neurot, Neurosis) and Mason Jones (SubArachnoid Space), they strap angelic wings on their instruments and take the listener deep into the light to the other side, where they take you where the past, present and future meet in one singularity — this disc in fact could be a worthy musical description (and vehicle) of what it is like to pass on and transcend to the next level. Rolling melodic reverberated guitars are the fuel, calming background voices and whispers acts as the oil, and the drones are the flames — in total, 355 is like a serial number to a giant funereal vehicle that is faster than the speed of light, that allows one to let go of all stresses and strains of regularity. It’s superior listening for those who slightly ail from mainstream acts like GYBE! — this music is so strong it requires no pope to control its methods — it just shows you the way. (Neurot)