Cuff the Duke Set Fourth Album for September Release

Cuff the Duke Set Fourth Album for September Release
Tragically under-the-radar Canadiana indie rockers Cuff the Duke have dished some new details about their upcoming fourth album.

While talking to CBC Radio 3, the Ontario-based band revealed they are planning to call the record Way Down Here, and it will hit the streets on September 8 via Hayden's Hardwood Records in Canada and on Ernest Jennings Records in the U.S. For cover art, the album will feature more work by Toronto painter Stew Jones, who handled art for Cuff the Duke's previous record, 2007's Sidelines of the City.

According to a post on Cuff the Duke's website, the band recorded 14 songs at their "friend Greg's farm." The site also features photos from the studio sessions. "It was snowing every day and we got really good at lighting fires! It was also the first time that we recorded everything onto tape!" said the post.

It's unknown how many of those 14 songs will appear on the new album, which does not yet have a tracklisting.

Cuff the Duke, who have been known to serve as Hayden's back-up band during his live shows, plan to begin a full Canadian tour on September 12 to support Way Down Here, hitting both coasts along the way. And while those dates have yet to be announced, perhaps the band's upcoming live shows will be bolstered by their brilliant accompaniment to CBC's Hockey Day In Canada.