Crystal Stilts Fall In Love with Oblivion on New LP

Crystal Stilts Fall <i>In Love with Oblivion</i> on New LP
Back in the fall, Brooklyn fuzz-pop crew Crystal Stilts unveiled a new single, promising that it was a teaser for an upcoming full-length to be released in early 2011. Now, we have the details of that LP, which will be called In Love with Oblivion.

It will be out in the UK via Fortuna POP! on April 11. Albums are usually released in the UK a day earlier than in North America, so it will most likely be out April 12 on this side of the Atlantic.

UPDATE: Slumberland has confirmed it will release the LP in North America on April 12.

According to an announcement on Red Hot Velvet, the band's new LP "continues their foray into spooky '60s psych and '80s dream pop but this time with more flourishes of melody and a bigger, more expansive sound."

If you want a preview of what that sounds like, the band will drop the single "Through the Floor" in March. The LP will also contain the already-released single "Shake the Shackles," which you can listen to here or in the embedded video below.

See the tracklist for In Love with Oblivion below and the album cover above.

Thanks to Prefix for the tip.

In Love with Oblivion:

1. "Sycamore Tree"
2. "Through the Floor"
3. "Silver Sun"
4. "Alien Rivers"
5. "Half a Moon"
6. "Flying into the Sun"
7. "Shake the Shackles"
8. "Precarious Stair"
9. "Invisible City"
10. "Blood Barons"
11. "Prometheus at Large"