Crystal Stilts "Practically Immaculate"

Crystal Stilts 'Practically Immaculate'
With Christmas just around the corner, it's about that time to remember what the holiday is all about. And what better way to realize it than through the sloppy sounds of garage rock? With just two days to spare, New York poppers Crystal Stilts have offered up a new winter hymnal to get you through the season.

The sleigh-bell-laden track gives props to Santa Claus, but low-moaning singer Brad Hargett mostly gives us a little history lesson on our man Jesus Christ. From the Immaculate Conception to Jesus' crucifixion, the singer salutes the Lord atop Barnum and Bailey-style circus organs and jangly six-strings. Apparently the tune was written and recorded in a day, which may be a little obvious considering the somewhat ramshackle performance. It's still got charm, though.

You can pick up the tune for free here.