Cryptacize Dig That Treasure

The newest addition to the preciously quirky Asthmatic Kitty family, Cryptacize are a collaboration between former Deerhoof guitarist and current Curtains member Chris Cohen, percussionist Michael Carreira and classically trained violinist/vocalist Nedelle Torrisi. Sparsely and delicately arranged, one could easily picture Dig That Treasure as the soundtrack to a slightly off-kilter musical theatre production. Cohen’s distinctive guitar-work, a demented blend of dissonance and jazzy beauty, perverts the jubilant innocence running through the heart of the trio’s sound. Lacking any strict pulse, most of Treasure’s tracks float by as breezy segments of storytelling punctuated by musical accompaniment more than as songs bearing any familiar structure. Though compositionally creative, Dig That Treasure may have a tough time finding a firm audience. The sometimes jarring rhythm changes, unexpected key shifts and occasional forays into free-jazz territory may alienate those attracted to the group’s melodramatic Broadway sensibilities, and oddity enthusiasts will likely find the plodding pace and indistinct tempos too dull to hold their attention. (Asthmatic Kitty)