Crux Scream Of Death

In exceptional cases, even if an album doesn’t feature impressive execution, the passion put forth entirely makes up for its shortcomings. Venom, anyone? In the case of Crux’s Scream Of Death, this is clearly the case, as proven by its re-release on I Hate Records. Initially seeing the light of day in the early ’90s, this Czech-based thrash/death metal effort is overflowing with enthusiasm. The band blast out 11 pieces of brutality extremely influenced by Hell Awaits-era Slayer. Also featuring bonus tracks from the band’s later years, we hear Crux eventually progressing deeper into classic death metal territory. They become more experienced in their search for "heavier,” which has its moments but is somewhat mediocre. Furthermore, the band falter by dragging songs out, unnecessarily regurgitating stock-sounding chug riffs and double-time beats to the point of tedium on some tracks. As noted though, the energy and sincerity of their performance is unbeatable. This is a no-holds-barred affair from start to finish, making Scream Of Death a prized, if imperfect, gem. (I Hate) (I Hate Records)