CRTC Shuts Down Ryerson Radio Station CKLN-FM

CRTC Shuts Down Ryerson Radio Station CKLN-FM
The Canadian Radio-television And Communications Commission (CRTC) has shut down Ryerson University station CKLN-FM over a number of regulatory violations and an apparent lack of quality control.

A press release from the CRTC explains that the Toronto, ON-area broadcaster couldn't convince regulators that they could run the station properly. The commission points to "significant infighting" being the downfall of CKLN.

An investigation into the station began in July 2009 following complaints about management and the overall quality of programming.

One of the more out-of-control situations involved the building manager on campus locking out staff and management for seven months. The station was forced to loop programming intermittently during this period.

Things didn't improve following the lockout, with the CRTC citing the station as being incapable of completing basic tasks, including writing program logs and submitting on-air tapes. The commission also lambasted CKLN for the lack of involvement of Ryerson's student body despite the station being located on the campus.

"Holding a broadcasting licence is a privilege that comes with responsibilities and regulatory obligations," Konrad von Finckenstein, Q.C., chairman of the CRTC, said in the statement. "CKLN Radio was given several warnings and opportunities to come into compliance. Each time, it demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to address our concerns. Taking away its licence is the only appropriate course of action in this case."

While a majority vote approved the decision, commissioner Louise Poirier "firmly opposed" the matter. She believes the manner in which CKLN's licence was taken away, without the option of renewal, is "unwarranted and inequitable."

You can read the whole of the decision here.

UPDATE: This clarification has been released by Ryerson: "CKLN-FM is an independent community run radio station. It is not affiliated in any way with Ryerson University and is directly licensed by the CRTC. It is not the Ryerson University campus radio station." Nevertheless, in the CRTC's decision, it states, "There was little involvement from the Ryerson University student body despite its status as a campus radio station."