Crowdfunding Hits a New Low: This Metal Band Is Threatening to Break Up Unless You Give Them Money

Crowdfunding Hits a New Low: This Metal Band Is Threatening to Break Up Unless You Give Them Money
The advent of crowdfunding has been both a blessing and curse for the music world. Some artists choose to use it as a means to fund recording projects or to buy back stolen gear, while some have used it to fund expenses outside the artistic realm. And while other musicians have been known to call the practice "desperate" and "insulting," one metal outfit have no shame in rolling out their campaign with the goal of purely being able to continue being a band.

Colorado death metal outfit Allegaeon have launched a Patreon page asking fans for help in achieving day-to-day financial stability. Citing the repercussions of touring costs, the band feel they have "unfortunately reached a tipping point where we can either 1) go completely bankrupt and call it quits to wallow in the sadness of our shattered dreams and disappointed tears of all of our lovely fans OR 2) continue to create and tour the music that you have all grown to love since our formation way back when."

"None of us are homeowners, all of us have roommates, and none of us even come close to making the average yearly U.S. income of $51,939.00," the campaign reads. "We want to make Allegaeon the center of our little musical universes, and to do that we need for it to be our full-time job."

The band have even done the math in breaking down how much they need to meet the above yearly income per band member. "Ultimately, our goal is to meet the average U.S. income of $51,939/yr. for each member, which totals to $21,637/mo. With 105k+ followers on Facebook alone, if a mere 4.77% of that audience donated a meager $5.00/mo. to Allegaeon, we would exceed that goal by about $3,405 per month."

As most crowdfunding campaigns go, fans would receive perks for their pledge. Allegaeon have outlined a rewards program that stacks as subscription fees rise, with a $250 USD monthly pledge giving fans automatic guestlist entry, backstage and soundcheck access to shows in their area, dinner that the band will pay for, any piece of merch every three months, and early access to songs and videos on top of a wealth of other promises.

What's more, each time the band meet a collective crowdfunding milestone, a perk for all campaign subscribers will be unlocked; $5,000 yields a Google Hangout and a custom guitar pick, $10,000 will bring a remastered edition of their first EP, $15,000 will bring an exclusive shirt with subscriber names on it, while $21,637 will see the band open up a raffle for a custom eight-string guitar.

At the time of this article, the band has received a total of $2,584 from 208 patrons. Whenever you stop shaking your head, you can take a look at the band's detailed campaign here.