The Dominion Tavern, Ottawa ON, February 5

CrosssThe Dominion Tavern, Ottawa ON, February 5
Photo: Calum Slingerland
Having undergone a recent change in personnel with the departure of bassist Ryan Allen and drummer Nathan Doucet, Crosss' only constant remains multi-instrumentalist Andrew March. With a new rhythm section in tow, the Montreal trio worked their way through their crushing repertoire of doom metal-tinged psych rock, punishing the late-night crowd with a distorted, drop-tuned snarl of guitar and bass.
Soft-spoken when it came to stage banter, March's forceful, nasal vocal delivery was able to cut through his dissonant riffing, staying front and centre during the smoked-out grooves of "Bones Brigade" and the quirky "Witching Hour." While the band's new members were more than capable of contributing a growling low-end and explosive drums to the substantial sludge, there was still a bit of gelling to be done between the three of them. Slightly out of sync with one another in a handful of brief moments onstage, it's certainly nothing insurmountable for the powerful trio.
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