Crosby, Stills and Nash Cover the Beatles, Bob Dylan and More on Upcoming LP

Crosby, Stills and Nash Cover the Beatles, Bob Dylan and More on Upcoming LP
Long-running folk rock outfit Crosby, Stills and Nash are currently in the midst of recording a covers album with producer Rick Rubin, and the trio aren't shying away from the classics. Although the tracklist is not yet confirmed, it's slated to include versions of songs by the Beatles, Bob Dylan and many more.

As Graham Nash recently told Billboard, the album is about a third done, and currently has no firm release date.

"It's a lot slower than it's ever taken us to do an album," Nash said, "because we've been on the road since May, and we don't quit until October. We all want it to be right - Rick, too - so we're taking our time to make sure it is."

Nash added that working with Rubin, who is notoriously commanding in the studio, is "very interesting. It's hard to tell CSN what to do in the studio after almost 40, 50 years, but it's an interesting experience. We're certainly opening to listening to him. He has good ideas, of course."

Among the artists that CSN are planning to cover are the Allman Brothers' Band, Jackson Browne and the Grateful Dead. They've also been playing a version of the Rolling Stones' "Ruby Tuesday" live.

The band will continue work on the as-ye-untitled LP early next year, when they also hope to release a live album cobbled together from nine shows from their legendary 1974 tour with Neil Young. Following that, Nash plans on mining the archives for more live releases, including a NYC show by CSNY in 1970 and shows by Crosby and Nash shows in 1970 and 1993.