Crooked House Road "Racin'" (Current Sessions video)

Crooked House Road "Racin'" (Current Sessions video)
Folksy Toronto five-piece Crooked House Road recently unveiled their self-titled debut LP, and now they've offered up an alternate rendition of album cut "Racin'" thanks to a new video from the Current Sessions.
The upbeat, jangly bluegrass number is a quick-paced, fun tune and despite the cramped quarters, the band seem to be enjoying themselves just fine throughout the performance.
The new video was recorded during the same session as the previously released clip for "Tell Me a Story," which went down in the biography section of Balfour Books in Toronto. Scroll past the band's upcoming tour dates to watch the premiere of the session video for "Racin'" in the player below.
Tour dates:
07/10 Toronto, ON – The Space Between Us
07/17 Toronto, ON – The Central
09/11 Georgetown, ON - Uncorked
09/19 Toronto, ON - Bloor Ossington Folk Festival
10/02 Toronto, ON – Humble Beginnings