The Crooked Brothers

Thank You I’m Sorry

The Crooked BrothersThank You I’m Sorry
Crooked Brothers' latest, Thank You I'm Sorry, is a low-key affair, its roots firmly planted in the traditional sounds of bluegrass, folk and southern blues. These guys know their shit, and it shows all over the record. It doesn't matter where the musical inspiration comes from — the trio makes it all fit together. "Organs on Demand" slithers along with shuffling drums and a bouncing upright bass under the '60s-style beat poetry lyrical delivery. "Mean Baby" is a minimalist harmonica ditty that scratches the blues itch just right.

The only real misstep comes during "Lightning In My Chest," a Waits-esque exercise in growly vocals and trashcan rhythms. It's a jarring track on a record that mostly deals in quieter thoughts and phrases. Thank You I'm Sorry may not convert a ton of new people to the world of roots music, but it's a thoughtful, welcome addition for those of us already there. (Transistor 66)
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