Criterion and Doily Criterion and Doily

And the illbience gets iller. This is a collection of three EPs by "Broklyn" beat scientists Doily and Criterion. Loops don't get much clatterier than the first seven tracks of this disc, courtesy of Doily. What once started out as rhythm loops become, well rhythm loops, but not in a rump-shaking kind of way. These are studies in permutations of mid-tempo rhythm of indeterminate origin — like when you make a photocopy of something, then copy the copy, making progressively grainier patterns. What's the pedigree? Industrial? Hip-hop? Musique concrete? Check. It becomes more apparent that hip-hop was the original inspiration as the disc goes on. Criterion's tracks have more funk to them and reference more of the semiotics of DJ mix culture with breakdowns and snare sounds on the two and four. The last several jams date back a few years and zany vocal samples that were so characteristic of Steinski/Ninja influence creep into the sources. Even seven years ago these loops were still outrageously processed, but Anticon fans might get into it. A fine collection of EPs for those who think DJ Spooky is just too straight. (Broklyn Beats)