Crispin J. Glover Rhythm Graffiti

Crispin J. Glover is one of the best-kept secrets of underground house. Besides being the main man behind Masterbuilders, New Chapter in Funk and others on his acclaimed Matrix label, he’s been credited by some for re-introducing disco to the scene in the mid-’90s. But as this 11-track collection illustrates so well, Glover’s attraction to the genre is more for its musicianship than anything else. There’s some sampling, like in the infectious roller-skating grooves of “Loose Booty” and the batacuda breaks on “Whistle Bump,” but it’s the live energy recreated in drum fills, instrumental solos and a dazzling set of effects that carry his tracks. The elements come together best on “Don’t Fake It,” with its ecstatic sax and stomping beats stirring up the vibe of a packed dance floor jumping at peak time. The latter half of the disc steps down to slower, sexier tempos and lush atmospherics that recall early Level 42 (whom Glover used to work for as a sound engineer), Loose Joints and other favourites of old school British soul. Deeper than deep-house, but raw enough to keep the floor moving. (Paper)