Crimson Sweet Wired for the Last Move/Basement Star

Crimson Sweet come spilling out in a torrent of lo-fi rumblings and blissful pop inversions to deliver their intensely blaring brand of rasping, guitar-soaked therapy. Straddling stadium-sized valour and DIY punk viscosity, Crimson Sweet come up with a larger than life presence tinged with hues of the dark and dirty. Preferring to dwell in crunchy, unpolished arrangements and gruff vocals, which come courtesy of Polly Watson, this seven-inch packs more power into two songs than many bands can ever hope to convey in an entire album. "Wired for the Last Move” is a blistering dose of serrated distortion, while "Basement Star” is a melodious but toothy b-side. With two full-lengths already under their belts, along with a cluster of seven-inches, Crimson Sweet are back with another requisite for the collection. (Independent)