Crimson Spectre / Uwharria Split

Despite the seeming value in having two bands and approximately 20 songs on one disc, there’s always a bit of caveat with split CDs. One is sticking their hand into a tank of musical piranhas and wondering if they’ll be bitten. In the case of this split, there is ample time to pull out the appendage out before damage is inflicted. That would be the point where Crimson Spectre’s cryptic and bombastic take on hardcore/thrash (a primitive rethinking of Converge music blended with Dillinger Escape Plan vocal delivery) gives way to the pointless realm of Uwharria. Thick and furious despite basement production values that ring with reverb, Crimson Spectre have a bold, relentless attack. Their music is phenomenal in a juvenile, passionate way. But as noted, it’s the point where Uwharria enter the picture that this disc starts to dissolve. Imagine a less-funny Anal Cunt with about as much of a sense of timing. Maybe worse. Flat, unbalanced retread of tired ground, their death/grindcore is predictable and uninspiring, only serving to prove that Crimson Spectre are dragged down by not being the sole act featured here. (Magic Bullet)