The Creepshow Sell Your Soul

Thanks to the resurging popularity (then again, was it ever this cool) of psychobilly over the past year, it’s safe for even the greenest of horns to claim scene ownership and not be far off. Unless they’re dealing with Toronto-cum-Burlington freaks the Creepshow. Their devotion and psychotic passion is as obvious as the lack of dirt on your creepers. Okay, they look good but can they deliver? Well, considering the incredibly specific drive and rhythmic pulse of psychobilly — a punked-up, amplified and highly stylised version of good old rockabilly — there is little even ass-kickers such as the Creepshow can do to push boundaries. But it’s what they do within the confines that reigns stellar. As the first chords ring out on debut effort Sell Your Soul, one may feel compelled to draw links to Danish tarts the Horrorpops, but as songs including "Shake” and "Candy Kiss” barrel out, the difference is obvious: these kids know how to play their instruments. Hyper drums and slapping bass lines collide with raunchy semi-hollow guitar twang all under the soaring croon of a devilish front. (Out of Sound)