Creeping Nobodies "Red Weather" (Exclusive to

Creeping Nobodies 'Red Weather' (Exclusive to
Things might seem a little quiet on the Creeping Nobodies front, but that’s actually on the contrary. While the Torontonians may have kept their ruckus to a minimum here in Canada, the band are preparing for a pretty extensive, month-long European fall tour that will take them to major cities like Helsinki, Malmö, London, Paris, Prague and Berlin. The trek is to support Augurs & Auspices, a full-length album featuring both new & previously released material — including two new songs from 2007, the two tracks from the 2006 twelve-inch split with Anagram and 2005's Half Saboteur EP — that has been completely remastered for a release by Swedish label Deleted Art (the folks that first introduced No Age, as well as shit hot acts like Clipd Beaks and Knife and Ape). In addition, they're simultaneously releasing a split CD on Italy’s fromScratchrecords with Italian band Miranda that features three new Creeping tracks. "Red Weather” is the first track off Augurs & Auspices (as of right now, this is the only place you’ll be able to hear it), and it’s quite an interesting transition for the band that reveals once again they’re never about to hold off on discovering another side to their music (as guitarist/vocalist Derek Westerholm puts it, "I'm not sure if it's exactly representative of everything we're about”). But this is a revelation, stripping away the oft abrasive angular guitar stabs for something much more elusive and dizzying. It reminds me a lot of Paul Giovanni’s score from The Wicker Man (no, not the Nicolas Cage one): a medieval folk song that is hiding an ominous riddle behind Matthew McDonough's plumed recorder and the willowy wisp of Valerie Uher's vocal. The measure is striking, as Dennis Amos' drums entangle with Uher's bass to slink along like a wounded tortoise, while you just know Sarah Richardson, McDonough and Westerholm are all looking to strike with their guitar attack, but withstand the temptation with poise, being careful not to reveal a dark secret. I’m kinda hoping the next "different” thing they try is a cover of "The Landlord’s Daughter.” That would be very nice.

Here are the band’s lone Canadian dates for the time being:

Sep 19 - Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee's (Free show - Sneaky Dee's 20th Anniversary!!)
w/ Huckleberry Friends + Pants & Tie

Nov 17 - Peterborough, ON @ The Spill