Creed Reduced to Selling Concert Tickets for $0 Due to Poor Sales

Creed Reduced to Selling Concert Tickets for $0 Due to Poor Sales
It appears that Creed have taken a few notes from the Fugazi business model, as their Birmingham, AL show taking place tonight (October 16) is offering tickets at insanely cheap prices. How cheap? Well, Creed fans can get in the door simply by being willing to pay the Ticketmaster convenience charge and service fees.

In other words, after months of dreadfully poor ticket sales, fans who actually want to attend can get in for a measly six bucks after fees, with tickets themselves going for a whopping zero dollars. Unlike Fugazi, however, we don't think the low ticket prices are motivated by an unwavering love of the DIY ethos.

As the Alabama Local News has pointed out, the washed-up '90s rockers started out with tickets priced between $35 and $85, and the show was initially scheduled to take place on September 12. When those tickets weren't selling, the show was postponed to today (October 16).

That didn't seem to make a difference though, so the ticket prices were dropped to 15 dollars and then ten. Now, the tickets are priced at zero.

It's a comforting reminder that, no matter how bad pop culture can get, some semblance of discerning musical tastes can reach all corners of the map.