Crash Delicate A Canyon Between

In some weaker moments, there is the urge to go back and raid that vast collection of cassette tapes that was lovingly accumulated throughout middle school. It’s hard to judge them today, as the emotional weight naturally overtakes any mistakes or critiques, which could explain why so many people still love Bon Jovi. Crash Delicate takes a great time warp back to middle school, bringing back memories of teenage angst while listening to such ethereally voiced women as Kristy Thirsk of Rose Chronicles, and Toni Halliday of Curve. Of course, there is no emotional luggage attached to Caroline Ethier’s voice, and unfortunately, the critical ear comes into effect as opener "Diving” is decidedly pedestrian, riding the current goth pop cycle, but without the hooks of Evanescence. "Like Living” uses some good burbling techno, but still Ethier tends to woo, screech and then woo again, leaving the tune slightly disjointed. "Downer” takes a left turn into some country-tinged warbling, but still feels dull. The hooks and radio-friendly ditties are apparent in places like in highlight "Traffic Jam,” but really, A Canyon Between lives up to its name to well, as the emotional distance between listener and band is about the size of that titular canyon. (Hitmen Musique)