Cozz Effected

Cozz Effected
Effected is the impact of something (not to be confused with affected, which is when something has been changed). It's one of the hardest things to understand in the English language, to the point where people avoid it entirely. For Cozz though, it's the only way to describe his latest album; a collection of introspective thoughts that impacted his personal outlook since he's been on the come-up.
Effected walks us through his experience as an up-and-coming rapper on the Dreamville label. Featuring big names like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, Cozz uses skits and smooth instrumentals to create this project.
This is Cozz's first album release since 2014, and it's given fans insight on what's been rolling through his mind since. Listeners will hear the lessons Cozz learned, how his environment keeps changing, how he reminisces over the urban life and how he's evolved as a musician.
Effected deserves props for its altruistic insight on the ups-and-downs of being an artist, and for Cozz's nuanced storytelling. There's room for improvement for the melodies and beats, even though the subtle instrumentals help amplify Cozz's voice and his champion storytelling. (Dreamville Records/Interscope)