Counterfeit Jeans

Counterfeit Jeans EP

Counterfeit JeansCounterfeit Jeans EP
Though the three members of Edmonton's Counterfeit Jeans have been making music in various projects for some time, they've been a unit for less than a year. Their four-track EP of lo-fi slacker indie rock begins with "Filthy," which comes in like a Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
track, off-kilter, jubilant and clean, ramping up to a psychedelic rock-out. "Nothing" has appropriately lackadaisical vocals that bring Imperial Teen to mind, before the song's math-y transition into another jammy outro with constant cymbals and a catchy bass line.

On the slower "Heavy Weather," the guitar conveys a sense of clouds about to burst and pairs well with the echoed vocals, which are delivered somewhat inebriated, with a slight slur on the chorus. After a blissful moment of harmony, the track settles into a steady Built to Spill-esque solo. "Violence" is the most dynamic, structurally, and has the darkest feel, unpredictably shifting through various gears and tempos before circling back on itself. Counterfeit Jeans' solid debut shows promise, leaving listeners eager for more. (Independent)
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