Count Basic The Peter Kruder & Richard Dorfmeister Remixes

Seeing that both Count Basic and Kruder & Dormeister are both from Vienna, the two camps have worked together on a few occasions. Now their efforts have been compiled and thrown together to make this EP of what K&D have churned out in the form of Count Basic remixes. Some really great tracks have been offered here, but wait, haven't we heard these mixes before? If you're a fan of Kruder & Dorfmeister, chances are you already own the brilliant double-album they released a couple of years ago of their past remixing efforts, The K&D Sessions. Two of the tracks that appeared on that release, "Speechless" and "Gotta Jazz," have wound up on this Count Basic album, along with two other variations of "Speechless." Even though one of K&D's reworking of this track ("Speechless Slomo," a more down-tempo version) is greater than the drum & bass version, one can't help but feel a little slighted in what they're receiving. Still, the reworking of "Hide & Seek" and the familiar "Gotta Jazz" are excellent tracks and make this record quite superb, yet one has to wonder if someone's scraping the bottom of the barrel just enough to barely release a record. It's sort of like when teen sensations release an album of six new songs and fill the rest up with remixes. (Instinct)