Correcto Correcto

As if Correcto didn’t already have enough in common with Franz Ferdinand — a hometown, label and musical influences — they then had to go and poach Franz drummer Paul Thompson to man the kit. It’s a relief then, to find that they are no Franz copycats, rather their succinct, up-tempo pop is far more Jam than Josef K. The high-energy toe-tappers that dominate the album may be listenable and fun enough but they aren’t necessarily the most memorable songs you’ll ever hear. That being said, when singer Danny Saunders gets his acoustic out and indulges his introspective side, he’s much more interesting. In this state, Saunders combines the pining, laid-back melancholy of Ray Davies with his own slurring, drunken looseness, giving his googly-eyed lyrics unique poignancy. (Domino)