Corporation 187 Perfection In Pain

It's pretty overwhelming getting new albums from neo-thrash kings the Haunted, runners-up Carnal Forge and peers Corporation 187 all within a couple of months, but so be it; I'm too busy moshing around my living room to complain. Of course it's gotta be said that these bands sound very similar, with varying production sounds and different cover art; the songs are all pretty much interchangeable between this triptych of modern thrashers (well, the Haunted can write slightly better hooks, for those taking score). So just in case you're unaware, Corporation 187 play a melodic yet completely neck-breaking thrash that hearkens wonderfully back to some of the best thrash of the ‘80s, adding a modern production sound to the deal. It ain't just retro though, these bands are for real, and it's quality stuff. I mean, yes, it's starting to get a bit old, but put this disc on and complain, I dare ya — it's just too solid to find a reason to. Unless you never liked thrash in the first place. (Earache)