Cornelius Readies Sensurround CD/DVD for North America Release

Cornelius Readies <i>Sensurround</i> CD/DVD for North America Release
After bringing 2007’s aurally focused Sensuous, Cornelius is now gearing up to put a few sights to his sounds. On September 9, the electronically-inclined Japanese producer will release Sensurround, a new polychromatic DVD/CD extravaganza that hit Japan back in March, but is finally coming to North America courtesy of Everloving.

On the DVD side, the Sensuous supplement comes packed with 12 colour-loaded video clips, one for each of the album’s tracks. On the CD side, you get B-Sides, which collects the, um, b-sides from various Sensuous singles and EPs. The majority of the tracks are culled from January's digital/vinyl-only Gum EP, which includes remixes by Prefuse 73 and the Books, a collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto and a pair of Cornelius covers by Petra Hayden. The few remaining tracks come from the "Music” single but we are assuming its 35-minute-plus "Star Spangled Gayo” has been cut down to size for this release.

Here are tracklistings for both Sensurround and its B-Sides:

1. "Sensuous”
2. "Fit Song”
3. "Breezin'”
4. "Toner”
5. "Wataridori”
6. "Gum”
7. "Scum”
8. "Omstart”
9. "Beep It”
10. "Like a Rolling Stone”
11. "Music”
12. "Sleep Warm”

1. "Star Spangled Gayo”
2. "Turn Turn [ft. Ryuichi Sakamoto]”
3. "Music (Petra Hayden English Version)”
4. "Fit Song (The Books Remix - "Eat White Paint")”
5. "Cue”
6. "Clap Whistle and Walking”
7. "Gum (Prefuse 73 Flavor Burst Rock Gum Mix)”
8. "Music (Petra Hayden Japanese Version)”
9. "Kling Klang”

Cornelius "Omstart” feat. Erlend Øye