Corn on Macabre I & II

Bad band names just keep on coming — it seems to be the style of the time — leaving yet another outstanding but sadly defunct band hiding behind its punny moniker. Obviously visually-inspired by horror movies and mischievous humour, and encased in an awesome-looking brown, red and black digipak, I & II features two chapters and 13 songs in slightly over 12 minutes — for the sake of brevity indeed. Corn on Macabre varies from insanely fast grind/punk/power-violence enmity to slower, more ominous picking and back again, grinding out a furious run, squealing out riffs that abandon technical perfection then briefly rocking right out before diving headfirst back into the empty pool, even shouting along to some metallic hardcore structures and riffs at a few points. And while Corn on Macabre get their grind on, tear-assing through their short songs as hastily as possible, the punctured-lung vocals thankfully stray far from the sepulchral death rattle this type of metal can default to. Now dead and gone, I & II stands as a gravestone to a band far too many found out about until after the fact. (Magic Bullet)