Corgan Fires Back over Charity Lunch Backlash, Pays Tribute to Sky Saxon

Corgan Fires Back over Charity Lunch Backlash, Pays Tribute to Sky Saxon
One thing's for damn sure, Smashing Pumpkins boss Billy Corgan spends way too much time on the internet.

On Thursday (June 25), we reported that Corgan was involved in a charity auction where one lucky fan would be able to buy him lunch. Bidding for the auction has now surpassed the $6,000 mark and ends June 30.

But he has since posted a lengthy rant on the Pumpkins' website that fired back about, among other things, those who were complaining that lunch was on the charity winner, not Corgan.

Wrote Corgan, "Todays laughter was me being criticized for a post that had info about a charity that was offering (to the highest bidder) a lunch with me. Unfortunately, unknown to me, the info stated that lunch was on the person who won the auction. Having never offered myself for a charity lunch date before, I was curious to see what fans might say about it. I was surprised to see a minor detail I was unaware of that said the winner must pay the bill at lunch turn into an attack on me and my supposed fortune. What an asshole I am to not want to buy lunch?"

Corgan also sounded off about online haters, making a veiled reference to Trent Reznor's recent and very short-lived announcement to quit the internet.

Corgan on the Internet: "Recently I read a post by another famed alt-rocker from my generation lamenting the negative cultures of the its inherent narcissism ruins a lot of good fun for everyone because those that shout the loudest and are the most obsessive are able to control a dialogue over things that in the normal discourse of real life wouldn't be that big a deal...I have watched with great interest over the last 15 or so years the rise of the web and how it has given form to new social dynamics and single-handedly helped to blow up the music business that I think I used to belong a interested observer, let me say then that I am fully aware that nothing I say here will change anything as it pertains to any negativity lingering proudly in the human soul, because that is a decision that only comes thru and from the collective; when a majority of us are tired of such constant poison that we'll scream 'enough' at the top of our lungs and the idiots get drowned out by those who have sat silently waiting till they can take it no more...I am more silent these days than not, an ironic fact of which I am criticized by fans for not feeding them with enough vacant info to their liking, but nicely applauded with apathy by those that don't care should I live or die... after all, aren't I a horrible, detestable creature that would dare go his own way in life? ...shame on me for not being one of the sheeple!!"

To wrap this all up, Corgan then paid his respects to the recently deceased Sky Saxon of the Seeds. The Pumpkins' website currently has a tribute to Saxon, with a photo of Corgan with the garage rock legend, posted on its splash page.

"What makes the things I'm saying here even more real to me is the passing of my dear friend Sky Sunlight Saxon," Corgan wrote. "Sky lived everyday with the concept of LOVE as his guide, and he walked the talk. He was a spiritual warrior who would tell me that Yahowa knew the beauty of our hearts, and that musicians were the living prophets of the world. So in Sky's memory I am going to re-dedicate this website to represent the things he cared about most; love, life, music, his spiritual family, and the protection of all God's creatures, big and small."