Corey Gulkin "Under the Covers"

Corey Gulkin 'Under the Covers'
Born Corrina Rose Gulkin, the Montreal-based musician has abandoned her former stage name of Corrina Rose in favour of the more familiar-sounding moniker Corey Gulkin and will deliver her first album under that name in the new year. Before All the Things I'll Forget arrives in its entirety, however, Gulkin has debuted a brand new track called "Under the Covers."
The forthcoming record details the singer-songwriter's experience recovering from an abusive relationship, and it hears her sonically supported by Leah Dolgoy on the harp and Sam Gleason on electric guitar — with Gulkin's voice bridging the gap between the former's Appalachian folk background and the latter's more boundary-pushing sound.
"Under the Covers" is the first sample from the upcoming album, and it was both the first song Gulkin started writing for the record and the last one she finished.
"I wanted to find a way to translate the subtleties of abuse and the feeling of invisibility and the struggle of trying to break free," she explains.
Hear the track come to fruition in the player below. All the Things I'll Forget is due out on January 26.