Cordova Lie Until It Becomes the Truth

It can sometimes be really difficult to shake off the ghosts of the past, and that might be the case for James Alex Snyder. He spent the latter half of the 1990s as part of the beloved punk band Weston, and just when they were enjoying the height of their popularity, he decided that enough was enough and quit. Then last year, rumours circulated that he had started a new band (in contrast to earlier rumours that he had joined a cult) and that’s when Cordova emerged from the Philadelphia music scene. Fans of his previous band might be a little surprised by Cordova because their music is a lot more dynamic than anything from Snyder’s past. Lie Until It Becomes the Truth somehow manages to avoid the obvious emo label by delving deeper into their rock roots and finding something surprising. Opening track "Atomic Lipstick” flirts with trashy glam rock (as the title hints) while the other four songs settle into heavier groove that does become a little repetitive. Still, this is still a promising debut that hints that their debut album might be well worth looking out for. (Limekiln)