Corb Lund Talks 'Cabin Fever' and Ego Brothers Side-Project, Streams New Album on

Corb Lund Talks 'Cabin Fever' and Ego Brothers Side-Project, Streams New Album on
Fans of head Hurtin' Albertan Corb Lund will notice a few changes on his latest album Cabin Fever, set to drop August 14 on New West Records. Mainly, it's in the record's looser feel, a result of a live-off-the-floor recording approach at Edmonton's Riverdale Recorders, marking the first time in a decade that Lund hasn't worked with Nashville producer Harry Stinson.

Apart from showing off more of his rocking side, Lund and the band also recorded acoustic versions of all the songs, which will be available in Cabin Fever's double-disc package.

Lund says that these decisions were based on nothing other than a desire to try something different, and they seemed to go hand in hand with Lund's approach to songwriting on Cabin Fever, which is now streaming here on As the album's title suggests, he isolated himself for extended periods during the process, and a glimpse of him in full survivalist mode can be seen in the video for the album's first single "Gettin' Down on the Mountain" (see below).

Lund tells Exclaim! that the song's apocalyptic lyrics do in fact stem from fears he has about the planet's future. "There's a number of things that could happen, from currency collapse to a petroleum crunch," he says. "The weather's so fucked up now too that there could be a three-week blizzard or a heat wave. It doesn't seem like a bad idea to do a little preparation."

However, Lund is feeling optimistic about getting back on the road, especially after doing a run of theatre shows during this year's Calgary Stampede with Canadian music legend Ian Tyson.

"We've been pretty good buddies for a while now," Lund says of Tyson. "For these shows, he really put me through my paces when it came to singing harmony. He's a real master after all the years of singing with [ex-wife and partner] Sylvia, and I've never really done much of that. When we did his songs, I often just ended up singing lead, because he knew exactly what the harmony should be."

Lund's harmonies have also been getting a workout through his tongue-in-cheek side-project, the Ego Brothers, which also features his longtime Texas compadres Hayes Carll and John Evans, both of whom made significant contributions to Cabin Fever.

"Our songs are mainly about how awesome we are, hence the band name," Lund says. "We've only done one show so far, but it was pretty good. I'm just really enjoying mixing things up right now. Hayes and I are planning to tour the UK together and do a kind of Waylon-and-Willie thing, which I'm looking forward to."

For now, check out all Corb Lund's tour dates here and stream Cabin Fever here.