Copperpot Chapter Seven

In the album’s liner notes — right below the thank yous — Copperpot professes to having given up his job, his girl, and an education in an attempt to devote his life to hip-hop culture. Well, questionable decisions aside, this Chicago bred globetrotter has managed to amass some pretty decent production skills, as well as a few time-tested emcees to lay it down on his all important debut. A close attention to detail is evident throughout most of Chapter Seven, as Copperpot’s skilled multi-layering and penchant for using non-traditional sounds and patterns leads to fully fleshed-out songs that are often hurt more than helped by their emcee counterparts. This conflict is most evident on "It’s A Rap,” on which Pace Won and Profound attempt to battle over a warbling accordion loop and non-abrasive beat. That said, things bode particularly well for Copperpot throughout the breadth of the album, though they do get a little dicey on Mr Complex headed "To Die For,” which — probably unbeknownst to the producer — uses the exact same sample and hook structure as Swollen Members’ "Bring It Home”. An unfortunate coincidence surely, but not enough to negate the promise of Copperpot’s reaching productions. (EV)