Converge "Shame in the Way"

Converge 'Shame in the Way'
Photo: Caily DiPuma
Converge's next LP, All We Love We Leave Behind, is due October 9 through Epitaph/Deathwish Inc., but the group have offered up another new number just a little ahead of the already Exclaim!-approved album's street date. First, we heard the speedy six-string trills, octopus-armed drum attack of album opener "Aimless Arrow," but the group have slowed things down on the equally punishing "Shame the Way."

The track, which you can stream down below, generally pummels the ears via drummer Ben Koller's cement-truck tom-tom whomping and relentless double-kick work, but Jacob Bannon's terror-stricken screams and a doomy, detuned descending riff are just as oppressive.